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The Mennonites are one of the oldest Protestant groups with roots in the radical wing of the 16th century Protestant Reformation. The Mennonite movement in the Netherlands has its beginnings in the 1530ís, and a presence of Mennonite beliefs and practices in the city of Groningen since that time. Mennonites have a rich history in the region of Groningen with many intriguing stories. Today we strive to be a welcoming church, committed to community, peacemaking and compassionate service to others. We see ourselves as a community of seekers and pilgrims, striving to follow wherever Jesus leads.

We proclaim that the building of shalom, peace and right relationships are at the heart of the biblical message. We also we believe that transformation of ourselves and our world is ultimately the work of Godís Spirit. The Anabaptist tradition has been wary of creeds and fixed statements of faith and of conveying the idea that there is no possibility for the development of new and fresh understandings. Therefore, we strive to speak and listen to each other across differences in and beyond our congregation. We welcome and embrace diversity of sexual orientation at all levels of congregational participation, and we encourage all in our midst to grow and use their gifts, regardless of age or length of time in the congregation.

We invite you to learn more about Mennonites and our congregation. Or visit the website of our†Conference, or that of the global Mennonite family of faith,†theMennonite World Conference.†

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