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What we believe


Mennonites; a strong sense of community
Mennonites have their roots in the Reformation movement. The Mennonite faith tradition emphasizes that faith is an active spiritual process that includes a conscious choice. This has implications for baptism, which we believe should be reserved as an outer sign of a conscious inner faith and therefore reserved for adults only. Mennonites interpret Christian teachings in ways that have consequences for the kind of church that grows out of these teachings. We assume that there are no privileged priestly interpreters of God's will in the church, but rather a community made up of interpreting and discerning members. We believe that we should share the burdens and joys of life together and strive to become Christ's new community. Our emphasis on creating a sense of community is a positive response to the indifference of modern culture. Mennonite beliefs and practices vary widely, but following the teachings of Jesus in daily life is a central value, along with peacemaking. We strive to walk the talk.

A Peace Church?
Traditionally Mennonites have had a strong emphasis on non-violence and they have actively promoted peacemaking in the context of contemporary societal events. This effort is rooted in our understanding of the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as described in the narrative of the Scriptures. Although this effort has, in the course of history, been challenged many times, it remained part of the Mennonite identity. Today we rather see peacemaking as a journey as well as the destination. And we know the way is not always clear, whether we are dealing with a personal relationship, a social issue or a global conflict. Despite our understanding of scripture, theology, history, and psychology, or our experience with conflict resolution practices, the answers to the violence in our world are often not clearly evident. Nevertheless, we step forward in faith–seeking and pursuing peace – in the assurance that Christ will light the way.

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